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Lhotse Analytics is the software smart Executives in industrial companies use. Save money and stay ahead of the competition. Leverage the power of advanced AI to interpret data and automatically generate extraordinary Insights and Cost-Saving-Opportunities. Are you ready to take action?

Why Lhotse Analytics?

The complexity and data overload is slowing down your Strategic Procurement Teams.

Living in a world of Big Data, Strategic Procurement is getting more complex, resources are getting less and the “low-hanging-fruits“ are gone. Your team is spending a significant amount of time on data preparation, visualizations or crunching numbers.

There is often not much time left to work on Strategies or to negotiate effectively with your Suppliers.

Amount of Data

Due to the high amount of data, it is impossible to be on top of everything at all times.

Unused Technologies

The potential of intelligent technologies can not be utilized using tools like Excel and PowerPoint.

Data Quality

The essential data is often not readily available, not connected, live, outdated, or hard to visualize.

Lost Time

Today, time is spent preparing data manually; therefore, the focus is not on what matters the most.


There is an easier way.
With Lhotse Analytics.

Be ready for more than just data visualization or initiative tracking:

  • AI-based Analytics of all internal Data and external Market Intelligence
  • Automatic identification of new Savings Opportunities sorted by the highest Impact
  • Individual Dashboards for everyone in your team to track KPI’s and Strategic Initiatives
  • Next Level one-stop-shop Software Solution for your Business

How Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize your Strategic Procurement

Our Industry proven Procurement Analytics Tools will continuously scan your data and apply Artificial Intelligence to your data, all at a part number cost-break-down-level.

Artificial Intelligence paired with latest Software Technology will provide your Team with a clear focus and direction and ensure that no opportunity is missed.

Intelligent Solutions
for your Business.

Spend, Saving & KPI Visualization without any additional Time and Effort

AI-based automated Saving Initiative Generator

Implement each of your Savings Projects from Start to Finish using our Kanban-Board

Be on top of Market Trends such as Raw Material or Logistics and understand the impact on your Business

Supplier Overview and Negotiation Preparation at the push of a button

Challenge uns to unlock 5% + Cost-Saving-Opportunities in your Direct Spend?

Find Savings

Why Lhotse Analytics?

Measurable ROI

Save time, save money and free up your resources for the important work. Accountable part price savings.

The Digital Buyer

365 Days „Personal Buyer Assistant“ assigned to each Purchasing Professional.

Market Intelligence

Live and always up to date FX Rates, Raw Material Pricing and Logistic Costs linked individually to each part number.

„Game Changer. A software solution that will address today’s complexity and pain points with the ability to reach #nextlevelofpurchasing.“

Dirk Ringelkamp
Automotive Executive Purchasing
and Founder of DQM Consulting GmbH

“This is the best product I have seen in 25 years of Purchasing.”

Reinaldo Ferraz
Global Automotive Purchasing Director

Committed to Data Security.
Committed to Quality.

The ISO 27001 certification complements the very high information security standard we have at Lhotse Analytics. Confidentiality, availability and integrity of data have the highest priority in safeguarding while working with our customers. In addition Lhotse Analytics is also a ISO 9001 certified company.

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