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The strategic procurement tool that actually strategizes for you

Lhotse Analytics is an intuitive AI-powered software solution tailored for global procurement organizations in the manufacturing industry. Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to analyze your procurement data, identify new cost-saving opportunities and be fully prepared for supplier negotiations – all automatically. We provide actionable insights and full transparency. Spend less time wading through data and more time to execute your strategies. 

  • AI-based Analytics of all internal Data and external Market Intelligence
  • Automatic identification of new Savings Opportunities
  • Every procurement-oriented analytical tool you could possibly need in one place
  • Individualized Dashboards for each User to track KPI’s and Strategic Initiatives

Lhotse Analytics Supports

Purchasing Executives

Make an impact on the bottom line and increase your company’s profitability. Lhotse Analytics will provide you and your team with a cutting-edge software solution that will identify cost savings, optimize time, and allow your team to focus on strategic value-add activities.

Benefits for Executives

Purchasing Professionals

Lhotse Analytics is a user-friendly software solution that offers a full range of support; including data analytics, meeting preparations, visualizations and tracking of saving projects. Our goal is to free up your time from the daily “busy work”, allowing you to focus on cost savings, commodity strategy, and supplier negotiations.

Benefits for Professionals

We Are Lhotse Analytics

„Our mission is to provide our customers a product that will make a significant impact to their business and provide value to everyone working within a global purchasing organization.“

Daniel Demuth & Nicolas Neubauer, Founders of Lhotse Analytics

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„Game Changer. A software solution that will address today’s complexity and pain points with the ability to reach #nextlevelofpurchasing.“

Dirk Ringelkamp
Automotive Executive Purchasing
and Founder of DQM Consulting GmbH

“This is a must-have-tool for the Strategic Purchasing Professional! It directs the focus to projects and negotiations and really brings value to the bottom line!”

Peter Hopkins
Global Commodity Manager

“This is the best product I have seen in 25 years of Purchasing.”

Reinaldo Ferraz
Global Automotive Purchasing Director

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