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We are Lhotse Analytics

Our mission, together with our global team of creative software developers, is to provide global manufacturing companies a software solution for their Strategic Spend Management that will make a strong positive impact to their business.

We know and understand today´s problems & pain points through our own extensive global automotive purchasing experience.

To provide a solution to our customers that will address these problems – is exactly what we strive for and that fuels our relentless motivation.

„Being a passionate math enthusiast and software developer, my goal is to keep developing cutting edge algorithms to support our customers to unlock their full procurement potential.“

Dana Hartmann, Backend Developer

„With the focus on our customers success, my job is to ensure the flawless launch of our product. My work is not done, until the customer is fully satisfied with our product.“

Adrian Hommen, Lead Customer Deployment

„My motivation is to present our customers with a new and innovative solution that addresses today’s problems and doing my part to help them be more successful.“

Daniel Demuth, Managing Partner

„It is my responsibility to understand the customer’s needs and to provide a modern workplace environment to my team. This ensures we continue building a powerful and innovative product.“

Sebastian Tillenburg, Lead Software Development

„Clean Code is in my DNA and as a backend developer I am responsible to ensure maximum performance, speed, and a robust product.“

Liam Bast, Backend Developer

„By always questioning the status quo, I will ensure that our product stays the state-of-the-art solution for strategic purchasing organizations.“

Nicolas Neubauer, Managing Partner

From the First Idea
to the Final Product

As global procurement managers working in the automotive industry, we were frustrated with all the data management and reporting our teams had to do on a daily basis. We found many tools on the market to digitize operational purchasing, but what about software solutions to manage the strategic spend? What about tools that go below the surface, on a cost break down level and with a bottom-up approach, while not losing the focus on what needs to be accomplished? The complexity keeps increasing, yet we are using most of the same tools we had 15 to 20 years ago.

There had to be an easier way. We started to put a team together of established software developers, UI/UX designers and purchasing professionals. With extensive product development and through many workshops, brainstorming sessions, and industry feedback, we developed a product that is both unique and innovative. Lhotse Analytics utilizes the latest software technologies and applies Artificial Intelligence – combined from 25 years of experience in global procurement – paired with smart Algorithms.

The result: We created a lean and intuitive software product that can be tailored to each company, that empowers each purchasing professional and supports each user to manage their strategic spend more effectively and more efficiently than ever before.

Connected all around the globe

Our headquarters and Software Development Center is located in Koblenz ( Germany) – our operational hub. Additionally, we have a business development office located in Detroit, Michigan – the automotive capital.

We are supported by our market intelligence partners in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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